Our Ethos

Professionalism. Ardmore believes that seafaring is a profession and not simply an occupation. It seeks to attract, retain and develop those who are, or have the ambition and ability to become, consummate professionals. What defines a professional seafarer? Expertise. Reliability. Pride in a job well done. Ardmore seeks the same in shore staff regardless of function.

Integrity: We believe that integrity is the real foundation that Ardmore is built on. Integrity means acting honestly and ethically, and doing what you said you would do. Ardmore expects that all of its employees afloat and ashore will act with integrity at all times.

Respect: Ardmore delivers shipping services in a harsh and demanding environment, where the consequences of disregard range anywhere from significant to catastrophic. Respect is about doing the job right, and doing the right thing at all times, whether for customers, for shipmates, or for the environment.

Our Policies
Our policies for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection are short and simple, but nevertheless effective if properly implemented.. They are based on our many years of experience in the industry in some of today’s leading and most admired shipping companies. They are intentionally short enough to be memorized, to ensure that those directly engaged in front-line management and operations are familiar with them and mind them every day.